Why Social Media Can’t Replace a Website

Social media killed the blog, this is a warning

In the 2000s, the glorious period of blogging. It seems that everyone has a blog, and you can often find interesting, in-depth and thoughtful articles written by people who are not news organizations. The entire community is gathered in the comment section, and there are rich connections among bloggers, who act as thought leaders on various issues.

Then Facebook appeared, and many people simply stopped maintaining their own blogs, and were more willing to build communities online. The allure was convenience and their audience will automatically see the new content when they update the page.

But where is the blogger now? As Facebook begins to lose its luster, these bloggers are also losing their online audience, and the value of their content on Facebook is diminishing.

You can’t put your content assets in someone else’s hands

This will cause a single point of failure.

You spend years building content and connections on third-party websites, but no technology company is always at the top of the list. Facebook usage has been declining, and as people get bored, this trend will continue.

But what happens when you invest all your digital reputation in a company that is losing users? Without your own online presence, you will be at the mercy of a third party, and the third party can change its policy at any time. More importantly, you can not control the conversation and can not moderation of comments.

A website allows you to collaborate with other channels

There is no reason not to have a website and reliable social media at the same time. If you have a post or product, please write it on your website first, and then promote it on social media through a link to your website. You can cite your website on eBay, Instagram, and all other places where you are. Once your customer enter your website, you can control the user experience. You can view analytics, direct them to your most profitable channels or products, and usually serve your visitors in a more targeted way.

Your website-facing the future

A good website is your brand and your assets. You will not lose them because of the rise or fall of a certain social media, and you will not be banned. In the end, third-party social platforms will come and go. And you should use them as much as possible, but never give up control of your own brand. The website is the key to bringing everything together. All your social media information should be like a spider web, with your website in the middle, serving you.

Never put all your assets solely on social media. Because sometimes they will fail for reasons beyond your control, and you will have nothing.

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