匈牙利Hoomeigroup是一家专门经营家用电器的批发公司, 其代理的品牌Hoomei分销至匈牙利境内的各个城市。


这个站点继承了Hoomei集团统一的设计风格,雅致大方。 系统同时支持英语及匈语,极大的方便了客户对Hoomei产品的查询和浏览。

虽然当前网站还是以产品展示为主,但是系统已经具备了进行在线零售和批发业务的基础能力。 随着匈牙利Hoomeigroup业务的进一步发展,随时可以考虑开放在线零售及批发订购的功能。


Hoomeigroup.hu has been officially launched into use

Hoomei group Hungary is a wholesale company that specializes in household appliances. Its brand “Hoomei” is distributed to various cities in Hungary.

In order to further expand the brand’s influence and increase sales channels, Hoomei group Hungary commissioned Geekoom Network to create a new corporate brand promotion website Hoomeigroup.hu which has been officially launched on June 1, 2021.

This site inherits the uniform design style of Hoomei Group, elegant and generous. The system supports both English and Hungarian, which greatly facilitates customers’ inquiries and browsing of Hoomei products.

Although the current website is still focused on product display, the system already has the basic capabilities for retail and wholesale online business. With the further development of Hoomeigroup’s business in Hungary, it can be considered at any time to open up the functions of online retail and wholesale ordering.

It is foreseeable that with the technical support of Geekoom Network, Hoomei group Hungary’s online business can develop smoothly and healthily.

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